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What is Right to Work?

Some of your co-workers have asked questions about right to work laws and how they impact your ability to form a union at Konikoff. Right to work laws do NOT make unions illegal. In fact, there are more than 150,000 union members in Virginia. What is right to work? Right to work is a law…
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Creating Career Paths for Young Workers

A full residency Job Corps program not only helps young people from disadvantaged background complete their high school education, it trains them for their choice of 73 different career paths.Enter TCU/IAM Transportation Advanced Training, where young adults develop the skills needed to get a job in the transportation field. Nine training centers participate in the…
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CEO-to-Worker Pay Ratio Widens: Now 361-to-1

Once again there‚Äôs more for them and less for us. The imbalance between the pay of CEOs and working people continues to increase. In 2017, CEO pay at S&P 500 Index companies increased to an average of nearly $14 million while production and nonsupervisory workers received on average just $38,613. The AFL-CIO recently released its…
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